The BlendMate | FAQ
It's simple and takes only minutes - the result is a BEAUTIFULLY BLENDED Work-of-Art, instead of an unsightly jagged line! Paint differences on rounded corners should be blended to maintain the soft elegant look that Bullnose Corners provide a home.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does The BlendMate™ come with any sort of guarantee?

A. Yes, each tool comes with a Full 90-day Satisfaction Guarantee. Please Contact us if you have any trouble using the BlendMate™.

Q. Is The BlendMate™ available at any local retail stores?

A. Due to the specialized nature of this tool, you will have a hard time finding it in local stores. The best way to purchase The BlendMate™ is directly from us. If purchasing from this website, we try to ship the same day and ship USPS 2-3 Day Priority.

Q. How long does it take to paint a transition?

A. Painting one corner typically takes five to ten minutes. Loading the BlendMate™ is a snap with it’s syringe delivery system. Clean-up only takes a few minutes with running water.

Q. Can you use the BlendMate™ to blend two different gloss levels or sheens?

A. Yes. It is recommended that you are familiar with the BlendMate™ before attempting to blend two different sheens of the same color as both paints will look the same when wet. A water-base paint should NEVER be blended with an oil-base paint.

Q. How do I apply a second coat?

A. You may leave the BlendMate™ loaded with paint for a short time, but the roller head should never dry out. After painting your first coat, clean the roller head and squeeze dry with a paper towel, when the roller head and the first coat are dry, apply your second coat. To clean the roller head simply hold it under warm running water for about 1 minute or until the water runoff is clean.